Elements of a For Sale sign

Elements of a For Sale sign

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Even in today’s world where the internet reigns supreme in almost all aspects, the traditional For Sale yard sign is still a popular option for anyone who has their house on the market.

Whether you’re hiring a real estate agent or going at it alone, a For Sale yard sign is most of the time the first indication to the world that your house is on the market. Most of the interested buyers will see your yard sign and then take action by calling the number on the sign to ask questions or schedule a visit.

Types of For Sale Signs

For Sale signs can come in a variety of various forms: plastic, wood, metal, and light up, just to name a few. While an enticing light up sign might sound really appealing and maybe elevate your listing over others, the real truth is it doesn’t matter all that much what kind of sign you have – as long as you have one.

Standard types of For Sale signs vary depending on inherent weather conditions where you live, type of brokerage that has listed your home and, in some cases, simply personal preference.

Elements of an Effective For Sale Sign

Let’s take a look at some of the bigger real estate agency’s signs to understand what makes a For Sale sign, according to them, work. While there is something to be said for doing your own thing and going away from these element standards, the big real estate agencies have been using these signs for years and it is safe to assume they’ve put research behind the layout/elements of their signs.



Looking at the handful of images here, we can see a few things that seem to be standard amongst them all:

  • Name of the real estate agency w/ logo
  • Contact phone number
  • Website

While those are the main elements that carry through almost any For Sale sign design, there are extra elements that seem to be worth it as well to add:

  • Real estate agent image
  • QR code
  • A sign rider (a smaller sign on the top or bottom of the main sign that can hold additional information)

Placement of a For Sale sign

The For Sale sign should be easily visible from the street. Avoid placing your sign where it is blocked by cars parked on the street, trees, or telephone poles.

  • It seems less intrusive to place the for sale sign near the sidewalk or street than close to the home.
  • If the home is located on a corner, consider installing a sign on each street to catch traffic from both directions.
  • For out-of-the-way homes such as those on secluded streets or in an area where traffic is limited, you might ask homeowners who live on a busy street if you can place a directional sign in their yard.

Now that you're versed in all things For Sale signs, you'll be able to create a beautiful looking, attention-grabbing, sign that will get your house sold quick! Head over to our Custom Yard Signs page and start designing your sign now.