4 Tips For Turning Your Yard Sign Into Profit

4 Tips to Turn your Yard Signs into Profit

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Small businesses are constantly trying to find the best way to spend their marketing/advertising budget to get the best ROI, and with the multiple means of advertising out there, finding the right option for your business can be a difficult task.

With today's technology, it is quite appealing to only focus on online means of getting your name out there. Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram; they all can be extremely powerful tools to use, but also take a lot of time and effort to truly understand how to get the most "bang for your buck". Additionally, as technology continues to get more user-friendly, more and more businesses will flock to it, resulting in an extremely crowded space. Though there is still definite opportunities for business to be a part of the online advertising world, a small business could gain some really great ROI by looking at more traditional means.

One of those is yard signs. The physical medium that has been used for many, many decades and has a prooved record of working to gain awareness and sales. While it might not be as flashy as the online route - yard signs can provide substantial improvement to your business, if used properly. We've compiled a list of 3 tips that guarantee to make any yard sign campaigns achieve their best results.


1. Simplicity

Yard signs, for the most part, are seen as a person is driving in their car, giving them little time to see what your sign says, so simplicity needs to be your main requirement for your sign. You always want to keep your sign simple and to the point. Don’t bloat it with information because the majority of people won’t stop their car to inspect your sign. Stick with the basics such as the name of your business, a catchline, a phone number, or some big sale/promotional offer.

Also, always keep the letters big and bold, that way people can actually see it. Below is a handy chart to keep in mind when designing your signs that show what font sizes you should be looking to use.


Viewing DistanceMinimum Text Size
0.6m  /  2ft5pt
1m  /  3.3ft8pt
1.5m  /  5ft13pt
2m  /  6.5ft16pt
3m  /  10ft25pt
5m  /  16ft41pt
10m  /  33ft82pt
15m  /  50ft125pt
50m  /  160ft410pt
60m  /  200ft500pt
200m  /  650ft1640pt


2. Use Colors That Jump Out

Never camouflage your yard sign with colors that blend into the surrounding landscape. For instance, a dark green sign with brown letters is an excellent way to make absolutely no impression on anyone. On the other hand, when choosing the right colors, try to make them uncommon and also have good contrast such as red on white, orange on blue, etc. Or utilize your brand colors, if they're appropriate for the location that you're going to be placing your signs at. 

Here is a fantastic site that has put together a great color guide for signs - Signs and Color Contrast | designworkplan.com

It’s about finding the right visual match that jumps off the lawn and into the minds of consumers.


3. Make Your Yard Sign Catchy

For your yard sign to be effective, it needs to say something catchy with as few words as possible. Try to find words that share the qualities of your business. Pictures are also a great addition and can say a lot.

The purpose is to really stand out in consumers’ minds and distinguish your business from your competition. Ideally, you want your yard sign to be funny, if not hilarious. The funnier your yard sign the better.

For inspiration, check out 32 of the funniest home and business yard signs.


4. Put Your Sign In The Right Places

You're spending your business's hard earned money on these yard signs, so why put them in less-than-ideal locations? That just wouldn't make sense. Instead of just driving around and aimlessly placing your signs in locations where you see other yard signs - sit down before you go out and describe the perfect location for your signs. Take into considering the type of people that will be driving by your signs and if they're your target customer. Let's say you sell lawn care services, well you'd ideally not want to put your sign within, or near, a condominium complex since those people will not need your services - while that is an easy example, there are plenty more out there that when you put your mind to it, you'll quickly define.

You don’t want a forest of yard signs jamming up a highway or strewn across the lawns of your competitors. You also don’t want your yard signs in a place where there are hardly any people. Pick places in your local area you know has a lot of car and foot traffic such as street corners, highway medians, and busy shopping centers.



All that said, yard signs require low maintenance, little cost, and if designed correctly, they can be your bastion of grassroots business. They get your name out in the neighborhood and are a wonderful addition to your local marketing efforts. Whether in rain or shine, they stand firm in advertising your brand.

Remember, the effectiveness of yard signs as a marketing channel depends on their design. If you’re having trouble with a design that really captures the attention of consumers or simply need a push in the right direction, we’re here to help. Contact us to speak with one of our experts to help you design and customize the perfect yard sign for your business.


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